Courses & Coding Camps

Coding Camp

Kodu Summer Coding Camp ~ £135

Age: (6-12 years) West Wimbledon
8th August - 10th August 9:30AM to 12:30PM (TBC) BOOK NOW!

Beginners coding camp for children aged between 6-12 years. This nine hour camp spanning over three days will allow the children to learn all about Kodu and create some great 3D games.

For more info read the full course brochure.

Coding Camp

Scratch Summer Coding Camp ~ £135

Age: (6-14 years) West Wimbledon
8th August - 10th August 1:00PM to 4:00PM BOOK NOW!

Beginners coding camp where children are taught about Scratch. During this camp we cover important programming constructs that form the basis of any computer.

For more info read the full course brochure.

Coding Camp

Intermediate Summer Coding Camp ~ £135

Age: (6-14 years) West Wimbledon
Summer 2017 (TBC) BOOK NOW!

Intermediate coding camp for kids aged between 7-14 years. This nine hour camp spanning over three days teaches children to apply various coding techniques in Kodu and Scratch to various challenges.

For more info read the full course brochure.

Up&Comin' Geeks

Up&Comin' Geeks ~ £185 per term

Age: (6-14 years) West Wimbledon
Friday 5:00PM-6:00PM (starts 21st April 2017) -- BOOK NOW!

Beginners class covering basic Computer Science principles and problem solving skills. We cover basic programming constructs through graphical programming and we build a simple game at the end.

For more information read the full course brochure.

Game Programming with Kodu

Kodu Game Lab ~ £180 per term

Age: (6-14 years) West Wimbledon
Saturday 9:00AM-10:00AM (starts 22nd April) -- BOOK NOW!

Kodu is a visual programming tool. Similar to Scratch, it avoids typing code by having children construct programs using visual elements. Programs are executed in a 3D environment.

For more info read the full course brochure.

Seasoned Geeks

Hands on (PicoBoard & Kodu) ~ £190 per term

Age: (7-14 years) West Wimbledon
Friday 4:00PM-5:00PM (starts 21st April 2017) -- BOOK NOW!

Applying programming skills learnt previously to interact with the real world through the Pico Board device.We will also build some interesting games using Kodu.

For more info read the full course brochure.

Seasoned Geeks

Seasoned Geeks ~ £190 per term

Age: (8-14 years) West Wimbledon
Saturday 10:00AM-11:00AM (starts 22nd April 2017) -- BOOK NOW!

Intermediate course building up on previous courses in order to teach students how to solve more complex programming problems. The course looks into new programming constructs and data structures to delve into computational problems such as sorting and searching.

Seasoned Geeks

Web Authoring ~ £195 per term

Age: (8-16 years) West Wimbledon
Friday 6:00PM-7:00PM (starts 21st April) -- BOOK NOW!

Kids will learn web design and programming skills. Kids will program using HTML5, CSS and some JavaScript to create fun projects for the web. Certainly a good one for the children's 'bag of tools' for the future. It is nearly certain that they will need to use this technology at some point.

Seasoned Geeks

JavaScript ~ £195 per term

Age: (9-16 years) West Wimbledon
Saturday 11:00AM-12:00PM (starts 22nd April) -- BOOK NOW!

This course covers basic JavaScript programming constructs which are heavily used web development nowadays. This course is designed to introduce children to a mainstream textual programming language in a gradual manner, often comparing and contrasting with Scratch to help them understand better. This is a foundation course to many of the advanced courses.

Coding Camp

JavaScript and Unity Game Programming ~ £215

Age: (7-14 years) West Wimbledon
Next Term (TBC) BOOK NOW!

Unity is a cross-platform game that has been used to build some of the best games created in recent years. More to follow shortly.

Course brochure coming soon ...

Seasoned Geeks

Web Development ~ £215 per term

Age: (11-16 years) West Wimbledon
Resumes next term

This course is the first series of our advanced Web Development courses. The children will be marrying the skills learnt in the Web Authoring and JavaScript classes in order to create dynamic websites in JavaScript. The course will introduce the children to object oriented programming in JavaScript alongside popular internet exchange formats such as XML/JSON.

Seasoned Geeks

Web Development II ~ £215 per term

Age: (11-16 years) West Wimbledon
Saturday 12:00PM-1:00PM (starts 22nd April 2017) -- BOOK NOW!

This course is the second of advanced Web Development courses. The children will be marrying the skills learnt in the Web Authoring, JavaScript and previousl Web Development courses to create dynamic websites. We will be looking at the latest technologies used to create new generation web HTML5 websites.

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West Wimbledon Location (Lantern Arts Centre)

About Geeky Kids

Why Computer Science?

Computers are everywhere and we all need to learn how to use them. Many of us use computers extensively every day. But have we ever thought how they work, or how we would write computer programs to tell them what to do? Computer science is a fascinating subject that explores these very questions. It is not only a science but also an art which stimulates children's development.

Some Facts! Why Kids?

We live in a digital era and demand for skilled computer scientists is at its highest level ever. Traditional education teaches kids about computers but possibly too late in the day. Also traditional education tends to ignore the creative and problem solving sides which are fundamental to computer science. Kids are fascinated by computers, tablets and phones and find the creative side of computer science very interesting.

Our Mission

To teach kids about computer science, programming and problem solving in a fun and intuitive manner. We use proven techniques and materials such as block (graphical) programming and unplugged programming. We also encourage kids to work with each other to solve problems and 'think like computers'.

Our Team

We are a nice bunch of people with a passion for kids and computers. We teach children in an interactive way. Lessons are not too long and we have a very good teacher-to-student ratio. All of this ensures that the children remain stimulated at all times. We think that computer science is more fun and accessible than ever! Have a look at our profiles on the website to learn more about us.

Happy days :) January 2016 - This term's Up & Comin' class @ Rutlish busy during their practical session for IO & Drawing
Proud Students January 2016 - Children get really into their code! They love it when they get their program to work at the end of the lesson :)
Small classes with individual attention January 2016 - Classes are slightly bigger this term but we have extra teachers at hand to ensure that children get loads of one to one time.
Happy days :) November 2015 - The children really enjoyed the half term session. With some help they even managed to build a small game :)
Small classes with individual attention
Proud Students November 2015 - They like sharing their creations and commenting about each others code!
Small classes with individual attention November 2015 - Programming on a big screen :)
Happy days :) November 2015 - All hard at work busy creating!
Proud Students November 2015 - Some serious faces ... and some funny faces :)
Lead Teacher

Dr. Thomas Quinn

Lead Teacher

Thomas is the lead teacher here at Geeky Kids. He has a BSc from the university of Glasgow, a PhD in Engineering from London South Bank University and has worked as a research associate at Imperial College London. Thomas has been teaching and tutoring Programming, Maths and Science for more than 4 years. During this time he has taught in London state and grammar schools, universities and colleges and has also provided individual home tuition.

Assitant Teacher

James Baker


James is a third year Software Engineering student at Kingston University. He has a passion for technology and has been programming since he was 8 years old. James is technically adept in a wide variety of programming languages including Java, PHP, HTML and Scratch.

Assitant Teacher

Zack Bloundele

Assistant Teacher

Zack Bloundele has recently completed his masters in computer games programming from Kingston University, and has a bachelor of science in Computer Games Development as well. He has worked with a variety of game engines including; Unity, Unreal and Scratch and enjoys helping others to learn programming.


Nicholas Camilleri


Nicholas is responsible for the club and heads up research and development. This includes researching new courses, preparing material and keeping up with emerging technologies. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science and is a Certified Java and Web Developer from Oracle Corporation. Nicholas has been a Programmer for the past 15 years. He is the managing director of EliSoft Ltd. where he acts as a principal consultant to investment banks in the City of London. He also has two children :)

Geeky Kids Timeline

September 2016

What have our Web Authoring class been up to last term?

Some of our children were busy learning HTML last term. We will be uploading more work shortly but in the meantime here is a sneak preview of one of the websites created by our young lad Talha! Talha's Web Site Please note that these are un-edited versions of their work. Please bare in mind, they are 9-13 year olds :)

October 2016

October midterm Coding Camp 2016

We have decided to do more code camps for midterm. Please register for more details.

June 2016

Summer Coding Camp 2016

This is now happening during August 2016. More info on the courses section, so please get in touch if you are interested. We have added new camps so we have spaces left.

May 2016

Saturday classes are now taking place at the Lantern Arts Centre

The Latern Arts centre will be hosting all of our classes in the Wimbledon area. It is situated on Tolverne Road just off Worple road. Have a look at the map to see the exact location.

February 2016

Booking for Summer term 2016

Our summer term will start on 11/04/2016. Our Up & Comin' and Seasoned Geeks classes will continue to run at Rutlish school and Raynes Park. We are also starting a new class called Web Authoring which will teach the children about web development. In this class we will cover various concepts around internet content, presentation and programming.

January 2016

Our number of students has tripled in one term.

We now have four classes running with more than 30 Geeky Kids. Many children from the previous term have taken up the Seasoned Geeks class where they will be learning more about Scratch and moving onto Java Script programming.

November 2015

Weekend and weekly classes next term

We are now taking bookings for next term. Classes will start on the 9th January 2016. BOOK NOW if you havn't already.

October 2015

Children break up for half term

Our children from Up & Comin' Geeks had their last lesson before breaking up for half term. This was a practical session where kids applied what they'd learnt during the first five weeks on a creative project. This week they built a battle ship game (with some help from us).

Have a look at the about us section to see some pictures of the children in action.

October 2015

Working with schools in Merton to provide after school classes

Over the next few months we will be reaching out to some of the schools in Merton to organise after school classes at your school. If your school organises after school activities and you are interested please drop us a note on

September 2015

Up & Comin' Geeks classes start

Our first set of classes started at Rutlish School.