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Working with Schools, Afterschool Clubs and PTAs

We work with state and independent schools to deliver our courses in schools and afterschool clubs.

We also provide 'train the trainer style' courses to teachers to bring them up to speed with specific programming languages and platforms and to share ideas and material from our extensive curriculum.

We can deliver LIVE virtual courses straight into a classroom or come onsite at the school depending on the school's requirements. 

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  • Up Comin' Geeks

    Beginners class covering basic Computer Science principles and problem solving skills. We cover basic programming constructs through graphical programming and we build a simple game at the end.

  • Hands on Coding with Scratch & Kodu

    Learn Scratch & core programming skills by interacting with the real world through the Pico Board device. We will also build some interesting games using Kodu.

  • Minecraft Education

    Do your kids love Minecraft? Why just play when you can learn to code and create your own unique world with Minecraft education. Our Minecraft education course teaches kids the basics of coding and introduces them to a block-based programming language through their favourite video game world and teaching them how to change it to their imagination!

  • ScratchCamp

    Our Scratch coding will span over three days. Students will be able to express their creativity while building cool games and programs in Scratch.


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