Tutor Profiles



  • Been teaching coding/Maths & Science for over 10 years

  • Obtained a PhD and continued Scientific research in Imperial College

Throughout his work, Tom has received frequent praise for his background
knowledge, helping learners understand complicated topics, rapport with
students, and a record of students exceeding expectations.

He has combined his coding experience with his teaching including helping
students understand coding, making their own games, publishing their own
websites, creating robots, as well as making programs to help with teaching.


  • Coding Course Tutor/Course Creator

  • CSS Designer

  • YouTuber and Social Media Content Creator

My name is Antonia. I have a Bachelors Degree in Primary Education and a master degree in Robotics Education at the University of Cyprus. I love to teach coding, because it gives confidence, boosts creativity, and helps to adopt a methodological way of thinking. Coding is important for kids/teens, because it motivates them to break a problem into pieces and design something new. It is merely imagination and logical thinking combined.


  • Experienced University Teacher in Computer Science

  • Been working in the IT industry (Artificial Intelligence) for 2 years

I would like to pass on the knowledge to those students aspiring to become future techies.



  • Experienced HoD

  • Teaching experience at outstanding inner London schools

  • Examiner for OCR

  • Primary Computer Science Specialist

  • Apple Teacher



  • Bachelor Degree in Information Science and Engineering

  • Nearly 3 years of experience as a Data Analyst for Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCSL)

  • Hands on Proficiency in Java, Python, SQL, Power BI, Machine Learning, and Big Data.

I am currently pursuing my Post-Graduate Masters Degree in Data Science and Machine Learning Systems. I do possess prior experience in training my juniors in our organisation, and I have spent my leisure time sharing technical knowledge with school kids in India. I have published a conference paper titled "Cross Tenant Access Control (CTAC) Model for Cloud Computing" in the journal - International Journal of Science and Innovative Engineering & Technology (IJSIET).