Our story

Our journey ...

Founded in 2016 Geeky Kids started as an experiment by a techy dad in the local community around Wimbledon in southwest London. The club was received with great interest and quickly turned into a well know brand in and around the Wimbledon area. We then moved into opening another two clubs in east Twickenham and Epsom and started working with schools in surrounding areas. After the pandemic hit in 2019, we shifted our focus to virtual LIVE classes which have been going extremely well.  

Who we are?

We are now a well-established global EdTech company and course provider for children aged 6 to 16. We run term courses for an hour a week during term time and holiday camps which run during the holidays. We also provide private activities & tuition for individual students and groups. Apart from that we work with schools in their after-school clubs both online and face-to-face.

Our mission and values

To teach kids about computer science, programming and problem solving in a fun and intuitive manner. We encourage kids to work with each other to solve problems and think in a structured manner. We are a nice bunch of people with a passion for kids and computers. We teach children in an interactive way. Lessons are not too long, and we have a very good teacher-to-student ratio. All of this ensures that the children always remain stimulated. We think that computer science is more fun and accessible than ever! 

About the team

The founder Nicholas Camilleri has been working as a technology consultant for 20 years and has worked for some of the largest investment banks in the world. He also has two kids, so he knows quite a bit about kids and coding. Our lead teacher is a PhD graduate, and we have various other experienced computer science teachers mainly coming from independent school based in central London. We also have a number second and third year computer science students coming from universities around the area. This ensures we have the right mix of teachers. Kids typically identify with young people more, so it’s a great opportunity for kids to meet students, allowing them to have a picture of what their future could be like. We are constantly looking for teachers so if you love coding and children, please reach out!