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If you are unsure, or have any questions about this course. You can reach out to us through the Contact Form below.

This teaches students how to solve more complex programming problems. The course looks into new constructs and data structures to delve into computational problems such as sorting and searching.

Detailed Description:

This class is designed for students who have taken the beginner’s classes (example Kodu or Up&Comin' Geeks). Exceptions can be made for children who have good experience, but we always recommend that children take the beginners course first. Here students will delve deeper into programming constructs introduced in the previous course and work on more complex problems. Similar to previous courses, we do most of the practical exercises using computers, but we also do un-plugged programming sessions to explain some of the newer concepts.

Some of the core topics covered include:

  • Complex Loops (multiple nesting)
  • Variables, Lists and Data Structures
  • Decomposition & Abstraction
  • Functions, Parameters & Recursion
  • Multitasking
  • Complex Events
  • Music with Scratch
  • Converting Scratch programs to Java Script

We will also have a cool assignment to top it off at the end (surprise!)

To enquire about this course, simply message us through the form below.