Geeky Kids hiring programming tutors in Malta

About the job

Our Company:

Geeky Kids have been teaching children Computer Science, coding and problem solving since early 2016. During this time, we have delivered courses to hundreds of students and our curriculum is one of the most varied and comprehensive ones in the UK. We have various courses in Scratch, PicoBoard, Kodu, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Unity, Web Development, Minecraft, Roblox and others.


Our team of freelance teachers have a passion for kids and technology. As we start delivering our courses in Malta, we are currently looking for an experienced part-time freelance teacher to join Geeky Kids to deliver coding courses.

The Role:

The role will be a hybrid one with lessons initially being delivered in schools and subsequently also through Zoom (or similar tools). We will only accept applicants that are willing to do face-to-face tutoring. The ideal candidate will be a tutor specialising in Computer Science and coding.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Deliver courses face-to-face and online
  • Safeguarding the children/students during the duration of the lesson
  • Ensuring that the children behave appropriately during the duration of the lesson
  • Delivering quality lessons with enthusiasm and ensuring that children remain engaged and interested during the lesson
  • Guide children diligently through practical exercises
  • The Candidate will be expected to follow lesson schedules and material provided in a fun and stimulating manner. Material will be provided, but candidate would need to revise the lecture before and ensure that he/she is comfortable with the lesson.
  • Potentially help out with R&D for new courses


How to apply

Please email us on with a copy of your resume.   

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