Coding Courses for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Coding for the DofE Programme

At Geeky Kids, we understand that parents are looking for a seamless and rewarding experience for their child’s participation in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. We know that the ultimate goal is not just skill development, but also the formal recognition of the effort and dedication put into the Skills section.

We support students in completing their Skills section of the DofE through coding. This can be done through one of our many courses that runs for a whole term (i.e., 3 months). If the students decide to do further courses, then we can continue to assist them with 6-month and 12-month programmes.

We have over 25 different courses spread across different streams. Each stream lasts for a minimum of 1 year. This means that students can choose a stream of their likingfor example, Game Development or App Developmentand progress as far as they wish to achieve the DofE's Bronze, Silver, or Gold levels. After that, they may fall in love with coding and could continue learning with us for as long as they want!  

For more information about the various courses and streams, please visit our Curriculum Page.


Structured Progression


Your child will engage in a meticulously structured programme that meets the requirements of the DofE Skills section, ensuring they advance in their coding abilities and achieve the set objectives for the Bronze, Silver, or Gold levels.

Coding for different DofE levels

  • Bronze Level: An Introduction to Coding At the Bronze level, participants typically begin with the fundamentals of coding. This could include understanding the basic principles of programming, such as variables, control structures, data types, and simple algorithmic thinking. Participants may start by learning an accessible, beginner-friendly programming language like Scratch or Python. The goal at this stage is to foster confidence and spark interest, as participants often create simple programs or games by the end of their Bronze journey. (DURATION: 3 months)
  • Silver Level: Developing Competence Moving on to the Silver level, participants are expected to build upon their foundational knowledge. The complexity of projects increases as they dive deeper into coding concepts. This stage might involve more sophisticated data structures, the basics of software development methodologies, or an introduction to web development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Participants could be tasked with developing a more complex program, such as a basic website or a mobile app, which would require a sustained effort and a deeper level of understanding. (DURATION: 6 months)
  • Gold Level: Mastering Advanced Concepts At the Gold level, the pinnacle of the DofE journey, participants are encouraged to take on advanced coding projects that require significant planning, problem-solving, and persistence. This could involve learning advanced programming languages, engaging with databases, or understanding the fundamentals of machine learning and artificial intelligence. (DURATION: 12 months)


Documented Achievements


We provide regular updates and feedback on your child’s progress. Along with practical coding projects, we encourage reflective logs or reports that can serve as a record of their learning journey.


DofE Assessment Criteria Fulfillment


Our coding programmes are designed to fulfill the DofE's assessment criteria. We help participants set clear goals and provide the support they need to achieve them, ensuring their progress is consistent with the expectations of the Award level they are working towards.


Completion Evidence


Upon finishing the programme, your child will receive a comprehensive report from Geeky Kids, which includes details of their accomplishments, the skills they acquired, and the level of effort they dedicated to the process. This document serves as official evidence of their course completion.


Direct Communication with DofE

To make the process as smooth as possible, we will submit the completion report directly to the DofE on your child’s behalf. We ensure that all necessary evidence is provided to the DofE, meeting their criteria for award completion.


Continuous Support

Even after your child has completed their Skills section with us, we remain available to assist with any follow-up queries the DofE might have. Our aim is to support every participant all the way through to successful recognition by the DofE.

As parents, you can rest assured that, with Geeky Kids, your child is not only gaining a valuable skill in coding but also working towards the prestigious accolade of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. We take pride in contributing to this significant milestone in your child’s development and will be with you and them every step of the way.


What are the next steps to start your Coding journey for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award?

Contact us today, and start your DofE Skills journey with us. Email us on, and we will get back to you with more information with regards to courses and timings. You can choose between group courses or private sessions, depending on your needs and requirements. 

We will guide your child to choose a stream they will enjoy and, hopefully, lead them to learn a skill for life!