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  • GCSE Computer Science Tutoring: We believe that a solid foundation in computer science at the GCSE level is crucial for future success. Our tutors offer support in core areas like programming, algorithms, and data structures, ensuring you understand and excel in these key topics.
  • A-LEVEL Computer Science Tutoring: For those advancing to A-LEVEL, our tutors dive deeper into advanced topics such as software engineering, data analysis, and machine learning. We equip you with the analytical skills and critical thinking necessary to not only ace your A-LEVEL exams, but also to prepare for future studies and careers in tech.

GCSE & A-LEVEL Computer Science Tuition 

Progress Tracking and Support: Our tutors continually assess your progress and provide personalised feedback. We strive for more than just test prep; we aim to instill a deep understanding of computer science that fuels a lifelong passion.

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Computer Science GCSE

The GCSE computing curriculum in the UK is designed to give students a broad understanding of computer science principles. The following is a rough breakdown of typical topics covered under Coding and Theory. 

Although most of our clients ask us to focus on coding topics, while relying on schools to teach the theory, we have a number of clients that ask us to support their children with both.   

GCSE Coding Topics

  1. Programming Fundamentals

    • Syntax and logic of programming languages
    • Variables, data types, and structures
    • Operators and expressions
  2. Control Structures

    • Conditional statements (if, else)
    • Looping structures (for, while)
  3. Data Handling

    • Arrays and lists
    • File input/output operations
  4. Problem Solving and Programming

    • Developing algorithms to solve problems
    • Implementing algorithms using a programming language
  5. Advanced Programming Concepts

    • Functions and procedures
    • Object-oriented programming basics
    • Event-driven programming (basic understanding)

GCSE Theory Topics

  1. Computer Systems

    • Hardware and software basics
    • Central processing unit (CPU)
    • Memory and storage
    • Networks and networking
    • The internet and web technologies
  2. Data

    • Binary and data representation
    • Data types and structures
    • Encryption and databases
  3. Issues and Impacts

    • Legal and ethical considerations
    • Environmental impacts of digital technology
    • Cultural and social effects of digital technology
  4. Algorithms

    • Understanding algorithms
    • Algorithm design and efficiency
    • Sorting and searching algorithms
  5. Software Development

    • Software development lifecycle
    • Testing and evaluation of software solutions

The coding part of the curriculum is designed to apply many of the theoretical concepts in practical scenarios, helping students to not only understand but also to manipulate and create computer systems and applications. This mix of theory and hands-on practice aims to build a comprehensive foundation in computer science for further education or entry into the tech industry.

Computer Science A-LEVEL

The A-Level computer science curriculum in the UK is designed to build upon the foundations laid at GCSE level, providing an in-depth exploration of more complex concepts in computer science. It encompasses both theoretical knowledge and practical coding skills. Below, we outline the typical topics covered at A-Level.

A-LEVEL Theory Topics

  1. Data, Information, and Knowledge

    • Explore how data is structured and managed, understanding the transformation into information and knowledge. 
  2. Hardware and Software

    • Dive deeper into the functionalities and architectures of advanced computer systems.
  3. Networking

    • Detailed studies on network configuration, security, and management. 
  4. Algorithms and Programming

    • Advanced algorithmic theory, including efficiency and complexity analysis.
  5. Databases

    • Advanced database management systems, SQL, and data manipulation and retrieval. 
  6. Big Data and Data Analytics

    • Understand the concepts of big data, including data types, legal issues, and the tools used for data analytics.

A-LEVEL Coding Topics

  1. Advanced Programming Techniques

    • Mastering object-oriented programming (OOP), event-driven programming, and functional programming.
  2. Data Structures

    • In-depth study of arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs. 
  3. Software Development

    • Covering the full software development lifecycle, with a focus on agile methodologies and version control. 
  4. Web and App Development

    • Techniques in developing web and mobile applications.
  5. Systematic Approach to Problem Solving

    • This includes understanding the problem, planning solutions, and evaluating results.

Geeky Kids’ approach to A-Level computer science education involves a blend of rigorous theoretical teaching supported by substantial practical experiences. This ensures that students understand the material at a deep theoretical level, as well as becoming more proficient in applying their knowledge in real-world scenarios. In this way, Geeky Kids prepares students not just for their exams but for future academic pursuits and careers in the ever-evolving tech industry.


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