Kids Coding Courses Curriculum

At Geeky Kids, we've dedicated considerable effort to curate a dynamic curriculum, segmented into multiple streams. Continually updated for relevance, we're always expanding our offerings with fresh courses designed to engage and educate. 

    Excellence is the standard for our Live Virtual Courses. With a commitment to small class sizes and instruction led by DBS-checked, highly qualified tutors, we've experienced immense success. Utilizing tools like Zoom, online IDEs, and our cohesive learning management systems, we ensure a smooth student experience from onboarding to course progression. Active engagement is central to our approach, with diverse interactive tools at students' disposal. Direct assistance within the programming environment is always available, fostering collaboration and project sharing. Each virtual classroom maintains a nurturing learning environment, supervised and moderated by our expert educators.

    Course Streams

    Scratch, Kodu and Minecraft Coding Courses

    Graphical & Minecraft Education

    Graphical courses for young children that don't need to type. Teaches young coders the skills to take up bigger challenges. Increases children's literacy from a young age. We use Kodu, Minecraft Education and Scratch to name a few.

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    Python Coding Courses

    Python Courses

    Variety with game production, AI, Data Analysis, Graphics Manipulation & Neural Networks. Great textual coding start for young coders. Advanced courses for children that have a good grasp of coding concepts with one of the most versatile coding languages.

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    Java and Minecraft Coding Courses

    Java & Minecraft Courses

    Learning code through the world of Minecraft. Kids learn to customise their experience and change games to their will. Passion for gaming turning into a passion for creation!

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    Mobile App and Web Development Coding Courses

    Mobile App & Web Development

    Kids learning to create a website of their own. Boosting technical literacy and understanding of the internet. Interactive structured classes with gradually increasing difficulty.

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    Unity Game Programming Coding Courses

    Unity Engine Programming Courses

    Kids will learn to use Unity, the most popular game engine in the world, to make their own games and worlds! Large library of resources and exciting lessons full of challenges and all sorts of little coder activities.

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    LIVE Roblox &LUA Coding Courses Online

    Roblox development with Lua

    Lua is an easy to use coding language for games engines mostly used in Roblox. It's a unique language embedded in Roblox allowing kids to learn a combination of block and text-based programming to create their own 3D world.

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    Coding Course Options with Geeky KIDS

    Boy coding online

    Term Courses

    These are 10-session programs running during the term, each lasting an hour. They combine structured teaching with hands-on practice, leveraging comprehensive tutor packs to ensure students remain engaged and gain practical knowledge.

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    Online Coding Courses with LIVE Tutors

    Private Tuition

    Tailored one-on-one sessions designed to cater to individual learning needs and paces, ensuring personalized attention and optimal learning outcomes.

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    Coding Holiday Camps online with LIVE Tutors

    Holiday Camps

    Conducted over 3 to 5 consecutive days during the term, these 2 to 3-hour daily sessions emphasize creativity, allowing students a more autonomous learning experience. 

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