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Give your child the confidence and ability through targeted private lessons

Get Targeted one-on-one LIVE sessions or private group classes. Enjoy the freedom of a Flexible schedule, choosing from our Vast Selection of coding courses. Every lesson is Personalized, adapting our rich curriculum to fit your child's unique needs. Dive into a tailored coding journey!

We can run any of the following courses in schools, just reach out to us and we can decide on the best course for your child or private group.


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Graphical Courses
Building Worlds with Minecraft

Hands-On Coding with Scratch & Kodu

Kodu Game Programming

Minecraft Education


Seasoned Geeks

Up & Comin' Geeks

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Roblox Course
Building Games with Roblox

Game Development techniques with Roblox and Lua

Roblox Escape Room

Roblox Programming with LUA

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Python Courses
Core Python Coding for Kids

Python Data Analysis, Graphics Manipulation & Machine Learning

Python Game Programming with Pygame

Python Graphics & Libraries

Python Turn-Based Games & Data Structures

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Unity Course
Unity Game Coding & OO Programming

Unity Game Development Techniques with C#

Unity Game Programming

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Web Development Courses
Basic Web Coding in HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

JavaScript Programming

Mobile App Development

Web Development

Web Development with Graphics

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Java & Minecraft Courses
Minecraft Modding with Java

Minecraft Modding with Java II

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Send us a quick messasge with some details about your child number of children and what courses you are interested. We will get back straight away with suggestions or answer any questions you may have.