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Term courses run during term time for one hour a week. All our courses follow a consistent structure. Our tutors are assigned customised teacher packs and interesting material to walk through each lesson. Every lesson is a combination of teaching and hands-on practical tasks, with relatively more focus directed on the hands-on part to keep our students engaged.


  • Core Python Coding for Kids
    Core Python for Kids

    This Python beginner's course is designed to introduce children to a mainstream textual programming language in a gradual manner, often comparing and contrasting with Scratch to help them understand more effectively. 

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  • Building Worlds with Minecraft
    Building Worlds with Minecraft

    This delves into building worlds through the Minecraft Education platform. Whilst building these worlds, we teach students fundamental programming constructs. The course is designed for more experienced students to join, without needing to follow the first Minecraft Education course. 

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  • Roblox Programming with LUA
    Roblox Programming with LUA
    Lua is an easy-to-use coding language for games engines mostly used in Roblox. It is a unique language embedded in Roblox, allowing kids to learn a combination of block and text-based programming to create their own 3D world.

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  • Building Games with Roblox
    Building Games with Roblox
    A basic/intermediate course in Roblox and Lua, with specific focus on building games. Kids will start off with the Lua/Roblox basics and then move on to building different games across a number of sessions.

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  • Python Game Programming with Pygame
    Python Coding for Kids with Pygame

    An intermediate Python course to teach students about game programming with Python, using a popular library called Pygame. By the end of the course, we will aim to build a fully functional game.

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  • Web Development with Graphics

    This builds on Web Authoring, JS to delve further into web development concepts related to graphics, multimedia, and animations.

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  • Python Graphics & Libraries
    Python for Kids with Graphics & Libraries

    A beginners/intermediate Python course that focuses on core Python knowledge, primarily through the use of graphics. We revise core/basic topics and learn about new topics including graphics, additional Python libraries, and modules.

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  • Unity Game Coding & OO Programming

    A Unity course with specific focus on object-oriented programming towards the second half. We also apply other core programming concepts such as loops and arrays to game programming.

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Custom Courses, On Your Clock!

If our term courses don't align with your preferred content or timing, don't fret! We offer flexible private tuition tailored to individual needs and group preferences. Dive deeper into coding at a pace and time that suits you.

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