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Introducing Geeky Kids Hub: Your Learning Management Platform for Coding

Geeky Kids Hub, is a project to making coding education accessible, engaging, and impactful for children aged 8 to 16. In today's fast-evolving digital world, empowering the next generation with essential coding skills is more important than ever. That's why we've developed a comprehensive Learning Management Platform (LMP) that hosts an expertly curated curriculum designed to ignite creativity, enhance problem-solving abilities, and build a robust foundation in coding and technology.

Platform Courses

We're launching Geeky Kids Hub with our most popular courses, offering a broad spectrum of learning opportunities right from the start. Over time, we will migrate all our courses onto Geeky Kids Hub, encompassing a wide range of topics from basic programming languages to advanced web design and game development. Each course features:

  • Engaging Material: Interactive lessons designed to captivate and educate.
  • Hands-On Coding Exercises: Practical tasks that allow students to apply concepts in real-world scenarios.
  • Quizzes: To reinforce learning and assess progress.

Tracking and Feedback

Geeky Kids Hub is designed to do more than deliver courses. It includes comprehensive features to meticulously track student progress and attendance, offering insights into their learning journey. This platform also serves as a centralized hub for recording student feedback and the courses they've completed, allowing for a personalized learning experience that evolves with them.

Parental & School Teacher Involvement

Recognizing the critical role of support in education, Geeky Kids Hub provides dedicated access for parents and tutors. This feature enables parents to be not just observers but active participants in their child's educational journey. They can monitor progress, review course materials, and understand the skills their child is developing, all while offering encouragement and support.

Mobile App Access

To ensure that learning is never interrupted, Geeky Kids Hub comes with a mobile app, making it easy for students to learn on the go. Whether at home, on a trip, or anywhere in between, the Geeky Kids Hub app keeps students connected to their courses, allowing them to continue their learning journey anytime, anywhere.

Why Geeky Kids Hub?

  • Customized Learning Paths: Tailored to meet each child's unique learning style and pace.
  • Interactive and Engaging: Our courses are designed to be fun and motivating, with gamification, challenges, and interactive content to keep students engaged.
  • Community and Collaboration: Geeky Kids Hub encourages a community of learners, providing a platform for students to collaborate, share projects, and learn from each other in a supportive environment.
  • Safety First: We prioritize the security and privacy of our students, offering a safe and secure platform for kids to explore and learn worry-free.

BETA Program

We're on a mission to revolutionize coding education for kids aged 8 to 16, and we want you to be a part of it—first! Geeky Kids Hub is launching a BETA program that's completely free and crafted to spark creativity, solve problems, and build a strong tech foundation.

Why Join? You'll get early access to our top courses, from programming basics to advanced game development, all while shaping the future of our Learning Management Platform with your invaluable feedback.

All we need is your name, email, and a few details about your bright young coder. We'll reach out when it's your turn to lead the charge in this exciting educational journey.

Be the change. Join Geeky Kids Hub BETA today and let's code a brighter future together!

Transform Your School's Tech Education with Geeky Kids Hub BETA Program

Attention educators and administrators! Geeky Kids invites your school to join our exclusive Geeky Kids Hub BETA program, designed to integrate cutting-edge coding curriculum into your educational offerings, completely free. This is a unique opportunity to enrich your students' learning experience with our comprehensive, interactive coding courses tailored for ages 8-16. Provide us with your school's contact information and a brief overview of your tech education goals. We'll reach out to detail how Geeky Kids Hub can enhance your curriculum and prepare your students for a bright future in technology.

Join us in shaping the next generation of tech leaders. Partner with Geeky Kids Hub BETA program today!

4 products
  • Geeky Kids Hub: Free BETA Subscription
    Dive into the world of coding with Geeky Kids Hub BETA! Enjoy a year of complimentary access to a curated selection of our engaging coding courses. Perfect for beginners to get a taste of what tech education can offer.

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  • Geeky Kids Hub: Standard Subscription
    Unlock the full potential of coding education with our Standard Subscription. Gain year-round access to our extensive library of interactive coding courses, designed to foster creativity and problem-solving skills.

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  • Group Subscription for Schools

    Elevate your school's tech curriculum with Geeky Kids Hub Group Subscription. Designed specifically for educational institutions, this subscription provides unparalleled access to our comprehensive coding courses for up to 200 students. At just £1250 per annum, your school can unlock the future of technology education, fostering a generation of skilled coders and thinkers.

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  • Premium Subscription with LIVE Courses

    Elevate your learning experience with the Premium Subscription. Enjoy all the benefits of the Standard Subscription, plus the exclusive opportunity to participate in up to 3 Virtual LIVE courses per year, led by expert instructors. Ideal for those seeking an immersive learning environment.

    This is the perfect combination of combining Online Classes with an additional 30 hours of LIVE online learning in classes which do not exceed 6 students. 

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Join our waiting list.

Secure your spot in the future of education. Our online learning platform is already here! Revolutionizing STEM and computer science learning for a select few. We will be increasing BETA users as we scale up the platform. Will you be among the pioneers? Register now on our waiting list toensurre you get your free account as soon as it becomes available.