Why coding & why us?

Why Coding

Computers are everywhere and we all need to learn how to use them. Many of us use computers extensively every day. But have we ever thought how they work, or how we would write computer programs to tell them what to do? Computer science is a fascinating subject that explores these very questions. It is not only a science but also an art which stimulates children's development.

Secure Future

Computing is the largest industry in the world as well as the fastest growing one. Two thirds of job vacancies in the STEM field are for programmers and web developers.

Life Changing

When children learn to code, they develop the ability to bounce back after failure. They learn that failure isn't necessarily a bad thing and in fact it can often be a learning opportunity.

Huge Demand

Every 3 out of 5 new STEM roles desire programmers. That means over 60% of job vacancies are for our fellow developers. Reports state that many STEM students are switching their degrees to developer related ones in 2020!

One of the best paid fields

The demand for tech jobs is now the highest when compared to other professions. The average programmer makes more than twice the average wage and it's the richest industry in the world.

Why Us?

We live in a digital era and demand for skilled computer scientists is at its highest level ever. Traditional education teaches kids about computers but possibly too late in the day. Also traditional education tends to ignore the creative and problem solving sides which are fundamental to computer science. Kids are fascinated by computers, tablets and phones and find the creative side of computer science very interesting.

Individual Attention

Our classes have a maximum of 6 students per teacher. It allows teachers to give more attention to each student and help them grasp the content easier and progress quicker!

Variety & New Challenges

Our courses are structured with hands on challenges for each lesson giving our young coders new challenges every single lesson. We update our activities and curriculum every term to keep things fresh.

Course library of 20+ courses

Our course library consists of more than 20 topics. From entry graphical courses like Scratch, Kodu, Minecraft Education and Roblox as introduction to coding all the way to Web & App Development, Minecraft modding and Python Data Analysis & AI.

Highest Quality teachers

All our teachers have years of experience behind them and are
thoroughly DBS checked with the best feedback and teaching ability!