Virtual LIVE Coding Courses - How do they work?

Virtual LIVE Courses

Geeky Kids classes are virtual and LIVE. Teachers and students will be in a Zoom meeting with direct audio and video feedback.

Our expert tutors will walk your child through the course content with a direct look at your child's screen with real-time feedback. Tutors then get to analyse and access the children's progress on the spot.

    With classes being a maximum of 6 students, our tutors can give your child the attention needed to truly learn how to code and design games in their chosen course.

    Kid coding online

    Tutors are able to control your child’s screen if required. This may come in handy if the student is blocked in anyway. 

    It is in real time, with real tutors and real classmates. You cannot learn in a better environment than this!

    What your child will need

    For an optimal experience in Geeky Kids' online coding classes, your child should be equipped with the following, we like to call it PUSH! 

    Coding courses online - how do it work?

    If you would like to know more or get your kid started with any of our online coding classes, email us at

    Once your child has been signed up to our virtual coding course, they will receive their Zoom invite a few days prior to joining their class. All students are guided through the coding classes by an expert and experienced tutor.

    Student monitoring and feedback

    Our team at Geeky Kids constantly monitors our students by looking at their attendance, behaviour, and progress.

    We give constructive feedback to parents on each and every student halfway through the term, alongside recommendations for further progression.