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Explore our Python for kids coding courses: live online classes in Graphics, Game Development and AI. Tailored for all levels to master this versatile coding language.

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  • Core Python Coding for Kids
    Core Python for Kids

    This Python beginner's course is designed to introduce children to a mainstream textual programming language in a gradual manner, often comparing and contrasting with Scratch to help them understand more effectively. 

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  • Python Graphics & Libraries
    Python for Kids with Graphics & Libraries

    A beginners/intermediate Python course that focuses on core Python knowledge, primarily through the use of graphics. We revise core/basic topics and learn about new topics including graphics, additional Python libraries, and modules.

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  • Python Game Programming with Pygame
    Python Coding for Kids with Pygame

    An intermediate Python course to teach students about game programming with Python, using a popular library called Pygame. By the end of the course, we will aim to build a fully functional game.

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  • Python Turn-Based Games & Data Structures
    Python for Kids with data structures and turn-based gaming

    An intermediate Python course that builds on the previous beginner’s course by revising core topics, while introducing new subject matter related to data structures and turn-based gaming. Turn-based game development involves building strategy games (usually a type of war game, etc) where players take turns when playing.

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  • Python Data Analysis, Graphics Manipulation & Machine Learning
    Python for Kids: AI and Machine Learning

    This course starts with a swift revision of core Python programming. We then progress to covering specific topics related to data analysis, graphics manipulation, math libraries, and neural networks (AI).

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