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Explore our LIVE online Graphical courses: designed for young learners, bypassing the need to type. With rich resource libraries, kids create their own games, building foundational skills for greater coding challenges and boosting early digital literacy.
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  • Minecraft Education
    Minecraft Education

    Do your kids love Minecraft? Why just play when they can learn how to code and create their own unique world with Minecraft Education? Our Minecraft Education course teaches kids the basics of coding and introduces them to a block-based programming language via their favourite video game world while teaching them how to change it through their imagination!

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  • Building Worlds with Minecraft
    Building Worlds with Minecraft

    This course builds on our previous Minecraft Education course and delves deeper into building worlds through the Minecraft Education platform. Whilst building these worlds, we teach students fundamental programming constructs. The course is designed for more experienced students to join, without needing to follow the first Minecraft Education course. 

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  • Up & Comin' Geeks
    Up & Comin' Geeks

    A beginners' class covering basic computer science principles and problem-solving skills. We include basic programming constructs through graphical programming, and we build a simple game at the end.

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  • Scratch & Python Camp

    Our Scratch & Python coding is a full-day camp spanning over three days. During this time, we cover various concepts in Scratch & Python through a combination of interesting challenges.

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  • Seasoned Geeks
    Seasoned Geeks

    This teaches students how to solve more complex programming problems. The course looks into new constructs and data structures to delve into computational problems such as sorting and searching.

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  • ScratchCamp

    Our Scratch coding will span over three days. Students will be able to express their creativity while building cool games and programs in Scratch.

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