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Discover our LIVE online Mobile App & Web Development courses: empowering kids to design their own websites, enhancing technical literacy and deepening internet understanding through interactive, progressively challenging lessons.
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  • Basic Web Coding in HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
    This course teaches basic website authoring and development. We will learn about HTML5, CSS, and also some basic JavaScript to create fun web pages for the web.

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  • JavaScript Programming

    This course is designed to introduce children to a mainstream textual programming language in a gradual manner, often comparing and contrasting with Scratch. This course is a prerequisite for our Minecraft and Web Development courses.

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  • Web Development

    Children learn to create dynamic websites in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS using object-oriented techniques alongside popular exchange formats such as XML/JSON.

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  • Web Development with Graphics

    This builds on Web Authoring, JS to delve further into web development concepts related to graphics, multimedia, and animations.

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  • Mobile App Development

    We spend hours on our mobile devices dailyparents on their phones and their little ones on their tablets, watching stuff and playing games. We guessed that nothing would be better than to teach kids the insights of mobile apps and how to make and change them. Through block-based coding, kids will learn everything there is to know about mobile app development.

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