Geeky Kids in collaboration with the Mulberry STEM Academy in East London

In November 2020, the Mulberry Schools Trust launched their innovative Mulberry STEM Academy to offer students from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to access an exceptional programme focusing on courses and apprenticeships specialising in STEM subjects.

During the Autumn 2022 school term, Geeky Kids was approached to offer our vast curriculum to these students by collaborating with Mulberry and delivering a 10-hour coding course to 60 Year-10 students. The topics covered were varied and interesting, mainly related to Python and PyGame. We are proud to announce that the students' feedback on our course was extremely positive and that the majority of them were interested in signing up for more courses in the future.

Geeky Kids carried out a survey to measure the youths' observations about our coding course.

We received responses from 37 students, who were spread out into 7 out of the 8 different course groups, with their ages ranging from 14 to 15 years.

The overall enjoyment of their experience with Geeky Kids was high, with 16% awarding us 3 points out of 5, 49% giving us 4 points, and 35% responding with the maximum of 5 points.

The students were also very satisfied with the general quality of our course. In fact, 4 of them gave us 3 points, 19 assigned 4 points, and 13 awarded us the highest points.

A whopping 91.7%, reflecting the opinion of 33 students, approved the content of our course, agreeing that it was well-organized and simple to follow.

The majority of the youths—namely, 75.7%, or 28 pupils—considered the level of the course to be just right for their comprehension. Conversely, 7 students (18.9%) found it too hard, while 2 of them (5.4%) thought it was too easy.

All 37 of the students responded positively when asked if Geeky Kids' coding course offered them enough opportunities for engaging, hands-on tasks. This optimum response reflects the popularity of our constant focus on promoting active participation in all our courses.

The students were then questioned about their tutor's knowledge on the subject, with 1 student (3%) allocating 3 points, 9 (24%) giving 4 points, and the other 27 (73%) awarding 5 out of 5 to our experienced tutor.

35 of the students surveyed were in full agreement when affirming that the tutor was also capable in captivating their interest during the learning process.

Finally, a significant number of the students—28 (75.7%) out of the 37—stated they were keen on enrolling in future courses with Geeky Kids.

It feels incredible to participate in a programme which allows us to offer our coding courses to young people who might not otherwise have this opportunity. Geeky Kids is eager to collaborate further with this wonderful Academy! In this way, we are playing our part in introducing students to the STEM industry and enhancing their future careers.

You can also see what Mulberry had to say about the program by reading this article on the school website. 

For more information on our amazing 'Get a School to Code' scheme, visit and see how YOU can help our kids! 

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