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Working with Schools, Afterschool Clubs and PTAs

We work with state and independent schools to deliver our courses in schools and afterschool clubs.

We also provide 'train the trainer style' courses to teachers to bring them up to speed with specific programming languages and platforms and to share ideas and material from our extensive curriculum.

We can deliver LIVE virtual courses straight into a classroom or come onsite at the school depending on the school's requirements. 

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  • Kodu Game Programming

    Kodu is a visual programming tool. Similar to Scratch, it avoids typing code by having children construct programs using visual elements. Programs are executed in a 3D environment.

  • Basic Web Coding in HTML, CSS & JavaScript
    This course teaches basic web site authoring and development. We will learn about HTML5, CSS and also some basic JavaScript to create fun web pages for the web.
  • Seasoned Geeks

    Teaches students how to solve more complex programming problems. The course looks into new constructs and data structures to delve into computational problems such as sorting and searching.

  • Scratch & Python Camp

    Our Scratch & Python coding is a full day camp spanning for three days. During this time, we cover various concepts in Scratch & Python through a combination of interesting challenges.


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