Our curriculum

We have invested a massive amount of time in our curriculum and are extremely proud of the vast selection of courses we have to offer. Our curriculum is divided into streams with each stream having anything between two to six courses. We are constantly working on new courses and updating our existing material to ensure that is is relevant and up to date.   


Term Courses

Term courses run during term time for one hour a week. A course typically runs for 10 hourly sessions. All our courses follow a consistent structure our tutors are given teacher packs and material to follow each lesson. Each lesson is a combination of teaching and hands on practical tasks with slightly more time being spent on the hands on part to keep our students engaged.


Camps take place during term typically for 3 to 5 days in a row and 2 to 3 hours a day. These are creative hands on sessions were students are given more 'free rein' in favour of creativity.   

Course Streams

Graphical Courses

Graphical courses for young children that don't need to type. Libraries of resources for all students can use to make games of their own. Teaches young coders the skills to take up bigger challenges. Increases children's literacy from a young age.

Python Courses

Variety with game production, AI, Data Analysis, Graphics Manipulation & Neural Networks. Great textual coding start for young coders. Advanced courses for children that have a good grasp of coding concepts with one of the most versatile coding languages.

Java & Minecraft Courses

Learning code through the world of Minecraft. Kids learn to customise their experience and change games to their will. Passion for gaming turning into a passion for creation!

Web Development Courses

Kids learning to create a website of their own. Boosting technical literacy and understanding of the internet. Interactive structured classes with gradually increasing difficulty.

Unity Engine Programming Courses

Kids will learn to use Unity, the most popular game engine in the world, to make their own games and worlds! Large library of resources and exciting lessons full of challenges and all sorts of little coder activities.

Roblox development with Lua

Lua is an easy to use coding language for games engines mostly used in Roblox. It's a unique language embedded in Roblox allowing kids to learn a combination of block and text-based programming to create their own 3D world.